2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Cell and Gene Therapy, 2013

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Title: “Multi cellular Micro Machines” Derived from a Newly Discovered Human Adult Stem Cell:

A New Paradigm in Tissue Reconstruction

Presenter: Abdulkader Rahmo, PhD

“We have recently introduced a novel human adult stem cell type: Small, Mobile Stem cells (SMS cells), exhibiting exceptional characteristics conducive to morphogenesis in standard media conditions. We have outlined and defined details of several complex new processes, in a simple parametrically “poor” set up. In vitro and de novo established macro-structures demonstrate high regenerative potency. The observed structures appear to be highly relevant to multiple tissues of in vivo model systems. Observed complex in vitro constructive activity is mediated by unit assemblies of cooperating cells which we designate as Multi-cellular Micro Machines (M3). M3 are built by cells derived from cultured SMS cells. They emanate reproducibly in vitro and can be phenotypically categorized according to constructive activity. M3 are not artificial constructs of the in vitro native adult SMS cell system, but are representative of recurring components of diverse native tissues. The choreographic self organization of SMS cells and their derivatives into various functional multicellular (M3) units is suggestive of autoinduced and autopoietic processes typical of organ genesis. Exploring these tissue constructive actors would usher a new era in tissue engineering, and enhance prospects for autologous tissue transfer.”

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