Small Mobile Stem Cells: Potential for Multi-Targeted Therapy of Emphysema in COPD – AASCP

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Dr. Rahmo had the pleasure of presenting to the American Academy Stem Cell Physicians, discussing ‘Small Mobile Stem cells: Potential for multi-targeted therapy of emphysema in COPD’. It was great to connect with the community and hear all of their feedback, as well as fielding their questions.

The synopsis of the topic:

COPD is a major worldwide chronic respiratory disease. It is the 3rd leading cause of death from chronic disease worldwide. It has a high impact on quality of life, morbidity, and mortality. Currently, there is no cure for this disease and no therapy to replace or regenerate destroyed alveoli. Small Mobile Stem (SMS) cells, with their small size, mobility, resilience, and angiogenic effect show flexibility in route of clinical administration (either through inhalation suspended in an aerosolized mist, or by IV infusion). They also have strong and meaningful interactions with multiple types of cells key to tissue regeneration and repair, offering the potential of an induced, multitargeted, orchestrated, regenerative event that addresses the main elements of emphysema (alveolar destruction with epithelial cell apoptosis, interstitial alveolar matrix damage, and loss of lung micro-vessels). As such SMS cells could overcome many intrinsic hurdles and limitations preventing the successful therapeutic application of adult stem cells (such as mesenchymal stem cells).

Presentation Preview:

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