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Voice of America – Innovations

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SMSbiotech is proud to announce that Alhurra’s Voice of America selected us as the subject for an episode of their TV show, Innovations. Innovations’ goal is to demonstrate how U.S. innovations are developing new concepts and theories, improving our lifestyle, and making the world a better place to live in. Its goal is to explore the broad impact of innovation, technology, and science on our society and our lives.

The United States serves as an exceptional hub for innovators from all around the world. It provides an active investment community, dynamic supporters, and a hunger for new technologies.

SMSbiotech is utilizing its distinctive stem cell technology to address chronic diseases, like COPD. The goal is to provide curative therapeutics for patients.

SMS filming 202206.2

Over the last two days, we had the pleasure of working with their talented film crew. To capture our innovative technology and story the crew spent time in our labs and interviewed Dr. Abdulkader Rahmo (SMSbiotech co-founder and president), Dr. Roger Schechter (SMSbiotech Clinical Advisor), and Dr. Ghassan Kassab (SMSbiotech Board of Directors).

We are proud of the achievements we have made and are grateful for the continuous support we receive. We look forward to continuing our work to relieve some of the sufferings of chronic disease patients.

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