Is UV Sterilization Effective for Viruses and Bacteria?

Is UV Sterilization Effective for Viruses and Bacteria?

Not knowing the limitations of UV sterilization is dangerous make sure you aware of it and check the reference.

Pros for UV Sterilization Cons for UV Sterilization in short:

It is convenient to use and no chemicals are needed. Therefore you won’t leave any chemical residue behind.

UVC 100-280nm, is dangerous to humans. That is why UV sterilization is usually done using UVC lamps with protective shields. Remember to avoid direct exposure to UVC, especially skin and eyes.

It is able to kill all kinds of microorganisms, including drug resistant bacteria.

It has a major limit! UV only works in its light path and can be blocked by objects. Make sure what you want sterilized is directly in line with the UV light. You can minimize this issue by using multiple UV bulbs to generate UV irradiation from different angles.

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March 24, 2020
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