WP: INM-5-24

Option: Expedient micro-vessel induction using an Inductive Niche Module™ (INM™)


Micro-vessel formation using the ANGIOstream™ kit requires about one week of endothelial cell proliferation. If a fast assay for the formation of micro-vessels is desired, the optional application of an INM will induce fast differentiation and reorganization of endothelial cells, resulting in micro-vessel formation.

INM™s (CatN: Cat # A-I25-01) are round, thin coverslips with a small diameter (in this case 5mm). INMs are sterile, read for use, and handled using sterile thin head forceps.

INM™s are applied on top of endothelial cells cultured within ANGIOstream coated cell culture plate.

INM™s can be applied as soon as the added endothelial cells are attached to the bottom of the well, or any time after the cells migrate and proliferate.

INM™s should cover endothelial cells immersed within the ECM matrix of the well. Several INM™s can be applied per cell culture well.

The directed process of polygonal micro-vessel organization involves cell communication, migration, spatial collective organization, differentiation and is visible within 2-3 hours. The process is restricted to the area covered by the INM and is completed within 2-3 days depending on INM™ size.

No special media are required beyond the one used for the ANGIOstream™ kit.