Option: expedient microvessel induction using an Inductive Niche Module INM (coverslip):

INM may be applied to endothelial cells cultured within ANGIOstream™ coated cell culture plate. INM can be applied as soon as the endothelial cells are attached to the bottom of the well or any time after the cells migrate and proliferate. The process of polygonal microvessel organization starts within hours and is completed within 2-3 days depending on module size. No special media are required beyond the one used for the ANGIOstream™ kit.

1. Make sure there are enough endothelial cells within the ECM cell culture well where the module will be applied.
2. Remove the module from the sterile pouch using sterile forceps.
3. Place the module in well of the 24 well cell culture plate, do not touch the medium with the forceps.
4. Make sure the module is submerged all the way to bottom of the well and is covering the Endothelial cells, you may hit the plate gently at the side to cause the module to sink.
5. You may use several modules per well.
6. Medium is changed according to regular schedule described in the instruction of the ANGIOstream™ kit.

Expected results: