Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ Events  – Southern California

October 10-11, 2019
SMSbiotech, Inc. had great time attending  Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ Events at UCLA, October 10th, and UCI, October 11th. The novel ANGIOstream™ in vitro assay got great attention through the show. Our audience became excited about the human stem-cell derived extracellular matrix and mentioned their problems with mural or synthetic alternatives they have been using. ANGIOstream™ in vitro assay will provide the vessel longevity and stability they are looking for very soon. We thank everyone for joining.


Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ Events  – Southern California

October 10-11, 2019
We’re excited to announce that SMSbiotech, Inc. will be attending Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ Events at UCLA, October 10th and UCI, October 11th. We are presenting our groundbreaking ANGIOstream™ in vitro assay kit that is the only human stem-cell based tube formation assay which is capable of both micro- and macrovessel formation through cell proliferation and migration.

Cell Symposia – San Diego, CA

August 25-27, 2019
SMSbiotech was delighted to attend the Cell Symposia and present ANGIOstream. Take a look at the poster for a better understanding of what ANGIOstream is and what separates this angiogenesis assay kit from the others on the market.

iCancer 2019: 3rd International Cancer Conference and Expo

June 5, 2019
The SMSbiotech team attended the iCancer 2019 Conference in Baltimore, MD on June 5th and 6th. Dr. Rahmo gave a presentation titled “ANGIOstream: A novel Angiogenesis in vitro assay system”. It’s so great to be able to share our new product and findings with others! For more information, click here.

Joe Kiani Becomes a Major Shareholder at SMSbiotech Inc.

March 26, 2019
Joe Kiani founder, Chairman, and CEO of Masimo, a global medical technology innovator, runs one of the world’s most admired medical technology companies, is an inventor of world-changing noninvasive patient monitoring devices, a trusted voice for patient safety and care, and a convention-breaking maverick. Under his leadership, Masimo has grown from a “garage start up” into a successful publicly traded company (NASDAQ: MASI) employing more than 4,500 people worldwide. For more information, click here.

20th Annual SoCalBio Conference

September 29, 2018
We were selected to be one of the presenters at the 20th Annual SoCalBio Conference that took place September 28th, 2018 in Long Beach, CA. It was a wonderful time to present our technology and meet new people.


SMSbiotech Obtains Patent

August 7, 2018

SMSbiotech obtained its patent on Small Mobile Stem Cells (SMS) and Uses Thereof.
Patent Number: US 10,041,037 B2

Biocom Regenerative Medicine Fly-In – Washington DC

March 23, 2018

This week we were able to join Biocom and Biocom members in Washington DC for Biocom’s Regenerative Medicine Fly-In.

This event “brought 10 participants from seven companies, including researchers, regulatory experts and business executives to Washington to meet with officials at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as well as U.S. Representatives Susan Davis, Scott Peters, Lou Correa and Judy Chu. Participants had the unique opportunity to discuss new advances in regenerative medicine and the successes and challenges they face.”

We are always grateful to be able to speak out for our field, as well as to be able to remind our officials that patient care is our top priority! For more information, click here.


New Facility Opens in San Marcos, CA

February 1, 2018

SMSbiotech has opened the doors to our new 6,500 sqft R&D facility in beautiful San Marcos, CA. Three research and development laboratories were established in early 2018. We are currently working on growing our amazing team and establishing our pilot production plant. We look forward to all of the amazing experiences and innovations that will happen here!
A diverse mix of approximately thirty EiRs representing leaders in business, biotech, healthcare, and technology attended a presentation by SMSbiotech, a startup led by Dr. Abdulkader Rahmo, Ph.D. Dr. Rahmo holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, a Ph.D. from USC, and performed postdoctoral research at a major clinical laboratory in Munich, Germany. In 1995, Dr. Rahmo established and supervised a large private clinical laboratory specialized in molecular and genetic…(Read More)

SMSbiotech Victories!

June 15, 2016