Therapeutic Human Small Mobile Stem Cells

Product is in development.

Therapeutic Human Extracellular Matrix hECM

Product is in development.

ANGIOstream™ -VG

A unique angiogenesis assay system that uses proprietary human ECMs and primary endothelial cells to capture and monitor the complex multi-stage, multi-step, process of stable micro- and large macrovessel formation

  • Pre-coated cell culture plates with human ECM ready for immediate use
  • Produces highly stable micro- and macrovessels
  • Exhibits a unique and complex multi-stage, multi-step vessel formation process

ANGIOstream™ -VR

ANGIOstream™ is a unique in vitro human vessel regression assay. The kit allows the easy monitoring of the multi-step process of micro- and macro-vessel regression.

  • Pre-coated cell culture plates with human ECM ready for immediate use
  • Establishes highly stable micro- and macro-vessels including suspended macro-vessels for testing regression
  • Allows for the efficient prescreening of a multitude of compounds

INM™ – Inductive Niche Module

INM™ speeds up the tube formation process using the ANGIOstream™ -VG in vitro angiogenesis kit.

  • Sterile, ready-to-use and available in various sizes
  • Produces stable microvessel differentiation
  • Induces fast dynamic tissue reorganization
  • Tissue organization reminiscent of in vivo capillary networks


sceMatrix™ extracellular matrices (ECMs) providing in vitro, optimized environments for many different types of cells

  • Derived from human stem cell line
  • Mimics in vivo extracellular matrices
  • Pre-coated as a thin layer to facilitate microscopic imaging for cell culture
  • Optimal for adult stem cell growth such as human mesenchymal stem cells

stemInduce™ MAG

stemInduce™ MAG medium induces Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cell self-assembly.

  • Sterile, ready-to-use and available in various sizes
  • Induces the active reorganization of Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells
  • The cells migrate towards a center and organize into a complex 3D cell assembly
  • The complex 3D cell assembly initiates after 2D cell confluency is achieved and continues for many days