Application Note

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are attractive candidates for cell-based tissue repair approaches. Hundreds of clinical trials using MSCs have been completed and many others are still being investigated [1]. Due to the infrequent presence of MSCs within tissues, in vitro propagation is almost always required to achieve a sufficient cell number for in vivo and in vitro applications [1].

For most therapeutic applications, MSC propagation in vitro is often required. However, ex vivo culture condition is not fully physiological and may affect biological properties of MSCs including their regenerative potential [2].

Unfortunately, in vitro cell multiplication is not neutral for MSC biological properties, mimicking the in vivo environment of MSC could be crucial in maintaining or enhancing its medicinal properties [2]. Different matrices have been used in the culture of MSCs with variable results. Matrigel™ was reported to enhance osteogenic differentiation although that matrix somewhat inhibited the proliferation of MSC [3].

sceMatrix is a stem cell derived extracellular matrix, a matrix that should be ideal for hosting stem cells.

MSCs grow easily in this thin transparent layer of ECM and reaches quickly confluency.

MSCs within sceMatrix can be shown to differentiate into different cells.

The ECM of sceMatrix is precoated in different plate formats and is practically ready for use.


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