Extra cellular Matrix (ECM):

Extra cellular Matrix (ECM), a complex composite substance, is a major component of our body, it constitutes 70% of the skin. It is the hub for repair and regeneration of the skin. SMSbiotech developed the PATENTED technology to bio-manufacture human ECM derived from Small Mobile stem cells, in large, industrial scale quantities. Providing, patient access to high quality, immuno-compatible, and affordable human (allogenic or autologous) ECM.


A unique angiogenesis assay system that uses a proprietary human extracellular matrix and primary endothelial cells for the in vitro capturing and monitoring of the complex multi-stage, multi-step process of stable micro and large macro-vessels formation. The complete process of Vessel formation is easily monitored in the “dish” without system disruption. This allows the researcher to examine in details the effect a chosen substances on the formation of these vessels.