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Regenerative Medicine Enabled by a Novel

Stem Cell Technology

SMSbiotech is a San Diego-based biotech company utilizing a novel human stem cell to advance the field of regenerative medicine using an off-the-shelf cell therapy and other approaches.

Currently, many conventional drugs and treatments address patients’ symptoms instead of the root causes of the disease. This approach can result in ongoing health issues like non-healing wounds or diseases we merely live with like Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). SMSbiotech’s patented regenerative technology intends to change this status quo. Its approach addresses the lack of ability of many patients to restore cells and tissues damaged by disease, trauma, and aging to positively affect their quality of life and longevity.

The healthy human body has an innate ability to heal and the drive to protect itself. When the mechanisms that issue this response are impaired, the body needs assistance to restore that ability. SMSbiotech has established a newly discovered cell-based technology that is largely donor independent and ethically sourced from living, human adults.

By using the right source and tapping scientifically into that newly discovered human inherent mechanism for regeneration, novel therapies and treatments can be developed to assist the human body in healing.

SMSbiotech technology will lead to the development of more efficient, disease-changing, and relevant medicines, serving a broad spectrum of patients and reducing the burden on healthcare.

SMSbiotech Technology:

  • A novel, patented approach that produces unique human allogeneic adult Small Mobile Stem (SMS) cells.
  • Manufactures cells for therapeutic use at an industrial scale. These cells can successfully address chronic lung diseases such as COPD.
  • Manufactures complex human extracellular matrices (ECMs).
  • Manufactures ECMs for therapeutic purposes, such as wound healing.
  • Produces human ECMs with unique angiogenic capabilities for use in research and development.

The Science

Stem cell enabling technology. Delivering life-changing treatments from human stem cells with unique properties and derived complex proteins.

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The Challenges

Tissue degeneration is at the root of many chronic and age-related diseases such as COPD, ARDS, and chronic wounds.

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The Solutions

Cutting edge technology addressing the two essential components of living tissue; cells and extracellular matrix.

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Our Mission

Democratizing the application of adult stem cell technologies for human health.

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Who We Are

SMSbiotech was founded based on its revolutionary adult stem cell research. Through a combination of hard work and over three decades of experience in research and applications, we have been able to patent a new platform technology. Our technology will change the way the life science industry approaches the development of cells and drugs, leading to a wide spectrum of medical applications.

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