The Science

SMSbiotech is developing cutting-edge adult stem cell technology that aims at providing safe, affordable, and ethically grounded regenerative medicine.



SMSbiotech is developing cutting-edge adult stem cell technology that aims at providing safe, affordable, and ethically grounded regenerative medicine.

Pioneering Regenerative Medicine

SMSbiotech has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge adult stem cell technology, dedicated to providing safe, affordable, and ethically grounded regenerative medicine.

Patented Bio-Manufacturing Technology

Leveraging our patented technology (4 received, 10 pending), we bio-manufacture human Small Mobile Stem Cells and essential proteins derived from these cells, including matrisomal and other extracellular matrix proteins.

Industrial-Scale Production Capability

Through extensive development, we have established large, industrial-scale production capabilities for SMS cells and their byproducts, ensuring widespread availability for medical applications.

Proprietary SMS Cell

Our proprietary techniques enable the isolation and indefinite growth of native adult SMS cells, laying the foundation for groundbreaking regenerative therapies.

Regenerative Potency and Cell Characteristics

As true stem cells, SMS cells exhibit strong interactions with key regenerative cells, stimulating growth and triggering gene expression changes without transformation or manipulation.

Validating Bio-Manufacturing Quality

Novel in-vitro functional assay systems meticulously test SMS cell bio-manufacturing quality, guaranteeing in-vivo potency at both cellular and molecular levels.

Resilience and Therapeutic Opportunities

The remarkable resilience of SMS cells allows them to serve tissues and organs effectively even under stressful, diseased conditions, opening avenues for drug administration and rational logistics.

Inducement of Blood Vessels

SMS cells produce ample proteins known for their regenerative effects on human cells and tissues, with extracellular matrix derived from SMS cells demonstrating exceptional blood vessel inducement in-vitro and in-vivo.



Animal Model Studies

Rigorous studies utilizing animal models showcase the exceptional therapeutic potential of SMS cells, effectively regenerating damaged tissues in the skin and lungs.

Safety and Immunocompromised Testing

Extensive safety assessments, including large-scale administration to various tissues and animal species, confirm the absence of adverse effects and tumorigenicity as expected from adult stem cells.

Healing Processes and
Tissue Regeneration

Essential Processes for Tissue Healing

Stimulation of parenchymal cells and stem cell proliferation, coupled with tissue vascularization and extracellular matrix production, forms the foundation for rapid and effective tissue healing in diverse organs.

Focus on COPD

Our in-vitro and in-vivo research highlights the potential of SMS cells for addressing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a severe, degenerative lung condition lacking effective treatment.


Advantages of SMSbiotech's Technology

High-Quality, Immuno-Tolerant Therapeutic Cells

Our technology grants patients access to high-quality, immuno-tolerant, and affordable human (allogeneic) therapeutic cells, expanding treatment options.

Industrial-Scale Therapeutic Byproducts

Beyond cells, our technology yields critical therapeutic proteins at an industrial scale, facilitating in vivo tissue regeneration and in vitro tissue reconstruction.

Enabling Cost-Effective Medical Advances

SMSbiotech's robust technology paves the way for cost-effective methods in organ repair, tissue and vascular regeneration, and scaffold and tissue engineering.


Why SMS Cells Are Superior To Other Stem Cells

Extensive Proliferation with Retained Potency

SMS cells can proliferate extensively without losing functional potency, retaining their ability to differentiate into other cells, interact with key regenerative cells, and produce important regenerative factors.

Proliferation and Safety Testing

SMS cells have been extensively proliferated and rigorously tested in vitro and in vivo, using multiple animal species, to demonstrate consistent safety and the absence of toxicity and tumorigenicity.

Genetic Stability

SMS cells are not genetically manipulated cells, further enhancing their safety profile compared to genetically engineered counterparts.

Origin from Adult Human Tissues

Unlike embryonic and genetically engineered cells, SMS cells are adult stem cells derived from adult human tissues. This characteristic ensures that transferring SMS cells to human tissue does not expose it to embryonic state cells, providing a safer option for cell therapy.

Return to "Natural Habitat"

SMS cells are isolated from regular blood and, when injected into the bloodstream, return to their natural habitat. This characteristic makes them distinct from adult Mesenchymal Stem cells, offering unique advantages.

Stimulation of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Proliferation

SMS cells stimulate mesenchymal stem cell proliferation, potentially inducing beneficial regenerative effects of MSCs endogenously.

Multi-Cell Targeting

Unlike Mesenchymal stem cells that primarily target immune cells, SMS cells target multiple different cells that have direct significance to tissue regeneration.

Limited Histocompatibility Proteins

SMS cells possess very few to no histocompatibility proteins, reducing the likelihood of inducing significant immune reactions, in contrast to MSCs.

Avoidance of Capillary Clogging

The smaller size of SMS cells reduces the risk of clogging capillaries and getting stuck in the lungs, which can be a concern with Mesenchymal cells.

Sturdiness and Robustness

SMS cells are sturdier and more robust, providing practical benefits in their handling and application.