SMSbiotech has been developing cutting edge adult stem cell technology that aims at Providing safe, affordable and ethically grounded regenerative medicine. We developed a patented technology (US Patent No. 10,041,037) that can bio-manufacture human ECM, derived from unique cells, the Small Mobile Stem (SMS) cells. Further development established large, industrial-scale production capability.

Our technology will provide patients initially with access to high-quality, immuno-compatible, and affordable human (allogenic or autologous) ECMs. We have established proprietary techniques for the isolation and indefinite growth of native adult SMS cells. Consistent with their true stem cell characteristics, these cells have not been transformed or manipulated and are prime candidates for the future use in cell therapy and tissue engineering. This robust technology will enable the high-volume and reproducible production of human medical grade ECM, a crucial component of in vivo tissue regeneration and in vitro tissue reconstruction. Our technology will help facilitate the development of cost-effective methods for (1) skin regeneration, (2) vascular repair, and (3) scaffold and tissue engineering. All of these processes are essential for the rapid, safe, and effective healing of wounds to any organ.