ACS National Meeting & Expo

ACS National Meeting & Expo

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Title: Inductive Niche Module: A novel Angiogenesis in vitro assay system.

Presenter: Abdulkader Rahmo, PhD

A unique Angiogenesis assay system (ANGIOstream) that uses a proprietary human extracellular matrix, derived from small mobile stem cells was used to capture tissue level organization of endothelial cells reminiscent to the polygonal capillary network.

The mere application of an Inductive Niche Module (INM) to endothelial cells within a thin layer of Extracellular matrix initiated a process involving cell communication, differentiation, migration and collective organization, leading to a polygonal superstructure. This process initiated within 2-3 hours of INM application, was captured in detail using time laps photography in vitro. A complex multi-stage, multi-step process of organized micro vessel spatial structuring was accessible to observation without interruption. This in vitro capability would provide ample opportunities for interrogating biochemically some fundamental aspects of tissue self-organization, cell networking and spatial cell structuring.



April 15, 2020
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