Advanced Therapies Week: Phacilitate 2022

Advanced Therapies Week: Phacilitate 2022

Dr. Abdulkader Rahmo introduced Small Mobile Stem (SMS) cells to the market at Phacilitate’s Advanced Therapies Week in Miami, on behalf of SMSbiotech.

Presentation Title: Small Mobile Stem (SMS) Cells: A New Single Agent, Multitargeted Approach To Tissue Regeneration

Bullet points:

  • Small Mobile Stem (SMS) cells are adult stem cells derived from human peripheral blood that demonstrate extensive proliferation, motility, and resilience.
  • Enables allogenic cell therapy based upon favorable immunogenicity and meaningful interaction with cells key to tissue regeneration.
  • Animal preclinical data confirm lung regeneration and the formation of blood vessels. IND Application in process for COPD.

Abdulkader Rahmo short bio:
Dr. Rahmo earned his bachelor in biochemistry from the Swiss Federal institute of Technology (ETH) and the PhD in Biochemistry University of Southern California (USC). He was an associate professor in molecular biology and medical genetics at IUST University for 11 years. Dr. Rahmo has over 30 years’ experience in basic and applied research, with 11 years primarily focused on SMS cell discovery and development. He cofounded and led several private and public entities including the National Commission for Biotechnology (NCBT). He is currently Chief Scientific Officer and Cofounder of SMSbiotech, San-Diego based company.



January 29, 2022
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