Health 2.0 Conference 2022

Health 2.0 Conference 2022

Dr. Abdulkader Rahmo is proud to be speaking about ‘Stem Cell Treatment For Lung Disease’ at the 2022 Health 2.0 Conference at the Mirage, Las Vegas on April 13th, 2022.

As an acclaimed healthcare event, the Health 2.0 Conference attempts to reimagine the realm of healthcare by uniting some of the most distinguished experts from a wide range of specialties. The conference spotlights the latest developments in the domains of healthcare and wellness on its vibrant platform, while promoting networking, and the exchange of ideas between forward-thinking individuals and companies.

A goldmine of new ideas, novel solutions, and pathways, Health 2.0 Conference is a must-visit forum for healthcare professionals and business leaders who hope to drive change and improve the quality of life of millions by revitalizing patient care and healthcare delivery models around the world.

We look forward to this event.



March 22, 2020
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