SAWC Spring | WHS

SAWC Spring | WHS

July 22-26, 2020 – Online (rescheduled from May 13-17, 2020 in San Diego, CA due to COVID-19)

Dr Rahmo  presented at the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care Spring event. You can see the abstract on The in vitro study of microvessel induced regression using a novel commercially available assay system, below.

Abstract Body:

The in vivo process of blood vessel regression is an integral component of vasculature maturation and remodeling which are pertinent to the development and progress of wound pathology. Yet unlike the well understood process of angiogenesis, this process is largely unknown, understudied and hampered by the lack of a suitable in vitro assay.

A unique in vitro “Angio-regression” assay* that utilizes a human stem cell derived extracellular matrix to grow stable micro and macro vessels, including suspended macro vessels, offers the opportunity to investigate various drugs and substances for induced regression.The testing of known angiogenesis inhibitors, such as suramin, demonstrated the critical difference in response of micro and macro vessel formation to inhibitor, and more importantly the distinctive effect exerted on vessel regression compared to formation.

The use of a simple, reproducible in vitro angio-regression assay will allow for the efficient prescreening of a multitude of compounds, it offers also a simple system for exploring the mechanisms involved in blood vessel regression.



January 17, 2020
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