SMSbiotech Unveils New Patented Stem-Cell Technology Designed to Treat COPD

SMSbiotech Unveils New Patented Stem-Cell Technology Designed to Treat COPD

SMSbiotech Unveils New Patented Stem-Cell Technology Designed to Treat COPD

San Diego, California–(Newsfile Corp. via Yahoo! Finance – December 20, 2022) – San Diego-based biotechnology firm, SMSbiotech, has announced the development of a unique treatment that utilizes stem-cell technology in order to stimulate the regeneration of lung tissue. This treatment is being readied as a potential means of tackling Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and other severe lung conditions.

At present, COPD is the third leading cause of death across the globe, and the condition leads to destructive abnormalities in the lungs’ airways. This in turn significantly restricts airflow, and can prove debilitating for those who live with COPD. In the US, more than 150,000 people die of COPD every year, amounting to roughly one death every four minutes. Over 15 million Americans live with the condition.

SMSbiotech has capitalized on its team’s three decades of experience in the field to develop patented stem-cell technology that has the potential to treat the underlying causes of COPD. The biotechnology company is using adult stem cells that can change the gene expression of key cell types in the lungs: Alveolar Type II cells. These play a crucial role as self-renewing progenitors that contribute towards the regeneration of the lung’s epithelium by replacing Alveolar Type I cells. The latter occupy more than 95% of the lung’s alveolar surface area, and are largely responsible for the breathing process.

Therefore, by creating technology that can stimulate the re-growth of these Alveolar Type I cells, pre-clinical trial tests suggest that SMSbiotech’s treatment could work to cure COPD conditions. Currently, there is no cure, and treatments only serve to slow down the disease, rather than stopping it in its tracks.

Senior officials from the California biotechnology firm outline that they are in the process of compiling an Investigative New Drug (IND) application, which will then be submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Upon the completion of this and after receiving the go-ahead from the FDA, SMSbiotech will then be able to test its stem-cell technology in Phase One Human Trials.

The majority of drugs are administered orally via tablets, but SMSbiotech’s treatment utilizes cells that are known to be particularly robust and small. As a result, they are able to be administered using a nebulizer, which transforms the cell’s suspension into an inhalable mist. Usually, cells get destroyed in this process, but due to the size and strength of SMSbiotech stem cells, they are able to withstand this.

In addition to this, SMSbiotech’s team emphasizes the fact that this stem-cell treatment can also promote the formation of blood vessels. Tissue regeneration requires a blood supply in order to sustain the regrowth rather than just increasing the number of cells alone, and the firm’s patented technology is facilitating this.


“It’s a tremendously exciting time for SMSbiotech, as we are on the verge of beginning Phase One Human Trials, and at the same time we are establishing partnerships with investment firms to help fund these. This is all propelling us towards our ultimate destination, which is to provide a comprehensive solution to the core causes – and not just the symptoms – of chronic, life-threatening conditions such as COPD,” concludes Abdulkader Rahmo, President and Chief Scientific Officer of SMSbiotech.


December 20, 2022
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